Sacred Healing Journeys with Missy

Guiding hearts to heal.


Missy and Judy are excellent guides. I went before John of God in December 2016 with Missy and Judy as my guides. Like many others, for me the experience was profound and life-altering. I highly recommend making the trip to John of God with Missy and Judy. Exceptional.

Debra Z. 

Los Angeles, CA

My experience in Brazil, to John of God was amazing. The whole town of Abadiana was high positive energy. While walking through the town I could feel the healing energy all around me. The bonding energy of the group I was with was off the map. Many of us were strangers, and we now have a healing connection.

Darline Meskiel

Los Angeles, CA

I was sitting in the gardens of the Casa de Dom Inacio, in Abadiania, Brazil, when I had a healing. I was wondering to myself what I needed to do in order to see “life” more clearly. I received an immediate answer, call it intuition or the voice of God, but I knew in that moment that to see more clearly, I would have to listen more clearly.

Now for years I thought that I “should” meditate. I took all these classes, workshops, read books, listened to CD’s (at least once), but nothing moved me to actually integrate meditation into my daily life. So when I heard this message to listen more, I already knew that the practice of meditation was the vehicle that would allow me to quiet my mind and listen, i.e. see “life” more clearly.


At the Casa de Dom Inacio, the energy of love and healing is very strong. I asked the question, God answered and now it was my move. If I "really" wanted what I asked for, it was time to do my part - time for me to sit down, be still and to listen! AKA meditate. In this place, in this moment, my life shifted for the better and I was healed of the “should” around meditation and moved to embrace it as a regular practice.

Judy Lawyer

Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of having Missy Arellano as my guide to Abadiania to see John of God this past June. Missy is such a light! First of all, it was a dream of mine to go to Brazil and to see John of God; I wanted to go for ages. I didn't know how it would be possible. 

Missy inspired me that it would be possible for me to travel there one day. I couldn't make one of her trips but she still thought of me and asked if she could bring my picture to John of God to see if he had anything to say or if he would prescribe herbs. My photo was taken and he prescribed herbs and said that he would help me. YAY! The herbs made me feel great! Then she sent me some John of God holy water which made me feel so special.

Finally the time came; it felt right to make the trip to see John of God with Missy. Everything lined up like she said it would. The flight was cheaper than ever; my friends encouraged me to go, and I saw angel numbers showing me the trip was meant to be. 

When we got there, the weather was perfect and we were picked up at the airport by one of her contacts. Everything was so easy with Missy as my guide. Normally I am a big planner and usually travel alone, but this time I trusted that everything was taken care of by Missy and it was from the airport pickup and drop-off to the hotel, to all the meals being included at the hotel, buffet-style. Plus she picked the best pousada/inn which had a beautiful garden, the best food, and we met so many delightful people from all around the world.

Missy was there as my guide if I had any questions, if I needed help with anything, and to accompany me if I wanted a companion. 

We had so much fun together: at the waterfall, eating the blessed soup together, attending Kirtan, watching the sunsets, and even going out in the nighttime for dinner and a dandelion tea latte. 

Missy is very spiritual, helpful, and loving. She is a great service to the Casa and is a great support even after you return home and are adjusting.

I had such a lovely time in Abadiania. It was life-changing! I am so glad that Missy was my guide to share the experience with me. Thank you so much Missy for your loving heart! 🙂 💞💞💞

Khristee Rich