Sacred Healing Journeys with Missy

Guiding hearts to heal.


Daily Itinerary:
Sunday – Travel day from your local airport headed toward Brasilia, Brazil.

Monday – Upon arrival to Brasilia, we’ll be met by our driver who will take us to Abadiânia. After we settle into our pousada we will meet for lunch.  This will be a day to rest from the long flight and an opportunity to acclimate to the time change. We will tour the Casa, and schedule crystal bed sessions for Tuesday. We will meet to clarify or set our intentions for coming to Brazil, both as individuals and as a group. We will prepare our requests for John of God.

Tuesday – Today you will have an opportunity to be in the energy with the healing entities while being on the Casa grounds. We are ushered into the healing experience by a local Casa expert in an orientation that only happens once a week.  We can be of service at the Casa helping to make “The Blessed Soup.” We will also get a chance to tour this adorable town and exchange money.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – You will have the amazing opportunity to meet the most desired medium John of God, make contact and present your requests. You may enjoy the Blessed Soup at the Casa, lunch at the pousada and some time for integrating your healing.

If you have had an “intervention” (this is when John of God prays directly over you), we will immediately put you in a taxi and you will be taken back to the pousada. You will take this time to integrate your healing in your room for 24 hours; we will deliver all of your meals to you. It is recommended that you take this time to integrate your healing. (not read, text or use the phone).

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday – These are days usually spent allowing healing to take place, rejuvenating, and taking time for inner contemplation. For those not immediately recovering from intervention you can schedule more crystal beds and weather permitting, we will visit the sacred waterfall.  There is time to enjoy the town, plenty of crystal shops to explore. Use these days off wisely, and spend time on the Casa grounds in the potent energy, commune with nature, use the prayer triangles and prayerful meditation with the Entities. Allow for full integration of your healing work.

Second Week: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – You will have another opportunity to meet with John of God and present more requests. This week there will be a follow up or check-up for those who had intervention the first week. You will also be able to present photos and requests to John of God for your friends and family. It is very important to sit in the highly charged rooms at every available opportunity this week, because healing occurs when you are actively engaging with the energy present in these rooms. Many people receive spontaneous invisible healings and profound insights while simply meditating or being still in these highly charged rooms.

- Depart Abadiânia for the Brasilia Airport to travel home where you will integrate your new energies, bringing the Love home to your family friends and co-workers. Remember to continue to take your herbs; be mindful about strenuous activity after spiritual intervention and stay positive, always asking the Entities for help to continue your healing in gratitude and faithfulness.


NEXT TRIP: NOV 2018 & June 2019