Sacred Healing Journeys with Missy

Guiding hearts to heal.

Experience Sacred Healing: Journey to BRAZIL!

Raise your vibe. Re-discover your truth. Re-charge!

  • Would you like to feel less stress? Less pain? Less chaos?
  • Would you love to clear your energy and hit the re-set button?
  • Do you want to feel lighter and not so weighed down?
  • Do you feel like you're blocked or stuck on your spiritual path?
  • Do you feel like the usual spiritual tools are not working?
  • Do you want healing for mind/body/soul?
  • Are you ready for a deeper experience of Love, Life, and Oneness?


Beautiful Sunset - Gorgeous

John of God is a powerful world renowned medium and healer. Thousands of people come to see him every week for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healings. The energy is so high at the Casa that one is immediately immersed in love and healing energy.

Once you say “YES” to going on this trip your healing begins.

So join me and the most in demand medium/healer in the Universe! This is a journey where you will be able to relax, pray, meditate, contemplate and let your body chill. Don't be surprised if old aches and pains disappear once you get there. This is the perfect place to RELEASE AND LET GO of inflammation and stress in the body. I have experienced physical healings and you can too.

If physical healing is not what you're looking for then there's plenty of chances to clear your energy and heal emotional blocks. You get to use the CHAKRA CLEARING crystal beds which are just freaking amazing! I mean they clear you out, balance you out and basically work on whatever needs to be worked on. I have uncovered and discovered blocks that needed to be released and when they were released so much newness came into my life. I was flooded with ideas for writing my book and ideas about my new business. So much creativity was just pouring from me. 

You may just want more clarity and confidence about your life's purpose and you can be strengthened here. Experience more energy and an ability to step it up in your life, to live bigger, to feel better, to live out the infinite possibilities of your MAGNIFICENCE. You are on your own journey and my experience does not have to be yours but I can tell you each time I've gone its been so healing and so worth it. Just be open and willing to experience what is meant for you to discover and to heal on this trip.

About the trip...

We will stay at the lovely Pousada Luz Divina. A peaceful hotel with a beautiful garden. There are pretty flowers to enjoy, hammocks to chill in and a sacred meditation labyrinth to enhance your healing. I love it here. It's clean and serene, there's a group meditation room filled with big chunks of crystals and plenty of pictures of your most adored ascended masters to help support your journey.

The Trip Includes: 

  • Pousada (hotel) room
  • Two guides to support you on your journey
  • Three highly nutrient-dense buffet-style meals each day at the Pousada
  • ***Various vegan and vegetarian options available.
  • Blessed water 
  • Visit the sacred waterfall, with highly charged healing energy
  • One crystal bed session
  • Group coaching sessions and downtime for added support 
  • Orientation at the Casa, buildings, and protocols

What to expect...

Orientation Day – This special Casa orientation only happens on Tuesdays. We are ushered into the healing experience by a local Casa expert in an orientation that only happens once a week. Tuesday mornings also offer us the opportunity to help prepare the fresh nutrient rich vegetables for the “The Blessed Soup” and to be of service. We will tour this adorable town and exchange money. Today and everyday you will have an opportunity to be in the energy with the healing light entities while being on the Casa grounds.

Seeing John of God – This only happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You will have the amazing opportunity to meet the most desired medium John of God, make contact with the healer and present your requests. You can enjoy the Blessed Soup at the Casa, lunch at the pousada and some time for integrating your healing. John of God will give you instructions to further your healing process, which may include herbs, crystal beds, massage, meditating in the highly charged rooms at the Casa or a healing intervention. Healing can occur anytime on the Casa grounds, in meditation, or while using the crystal beds. You are always surrounded by loving light energy, your healing opportunities are unlimited.

Bonus Time: Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday – These are days usually spent allowing healing to take place, rejuvenating, and taking time for inner contemplation. Experience more healing with the crystal bed sessions and weather permitting, we will visit the sacred waterfall!!! Use these days off wisely by spending time on the Casa grounds in the the potent energy, commune with nature, use the prayer triangles and spend time in prayerful meditation with the Entities. Allow for full integration of your healing work. There is also plenty of time to enjoy the town and there are lots of crystal shops to explore. Oh, and my favorite chocolate cake with coconut flakes and tea by poolside!

Second Week: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday – You will have another opportunity to meet with John of God and present additional healing requests. This week there will be a follow up or check-up for those who had intervention the first week. This week you will be able to present photos and requests from your friends, family and clients to John of God. During this week take every opportunity to sit in the highly charged rooms at the Casa, because healing occurs when you are actively engaging with the energy present in these rooms. Many people receive spontaneous invisible healings and profound insights while simply meditating or being still in these highly charged rooms.

The call to experience your greater yet to be...

And I know you are a believer, seeker and knower of truth. You help everyone else in your life - clients, friends and family. Now its time to take care of YOU. Heal and build up your storehouse of greatness, of love and light. You will see and feel the difference while you're there and when you come home. Your family members will see it and your clients too. It's amazing how much clearing and healing can be done in these two weeks. Don't wait till you hit a wall. Don't wait until you crash and burn. I've been there and done that and perhaps you have too. So you know better, you know you need some self-care and "me time" so come on, let's heal it up! This place is a catalyst for healing. Here the focus is on you. Pure immersion to get all the junk cleaned out, get it done, revealed and healed. Get it done and wrapped up before you go home.

You will be guided, cared for and lovingly supported. Satnam.




NEXT TRIP: NOV 2018 & June 2019

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